Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Risky Business

Jan Jeffocat has been holding down co-anchor duties on WFLD's Good Day Chicago for several months. Viewer reaction has been somewhat mixed. JFBWB staffers find her to be acceptable, but in no way a true replacement for Tamron Hall. We came across a Texas blog post from 2005 which suggests that Jan flew off the handle on a critical blogger. Is JFBWB tempting the fates by running this photo of JJ in a Chevy Malibu wearing Tom Cruise's glasses and a jacket from the H. Clinton Collection? Time will tell.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It Was A Good Run

Cue Boyz II Men because it's the end of the road for Amy Jacobson at WMAQ. After 10 years on Chicago TV, Amy Jacobson left (or was fired) from Channel 5 in the wake of what has to go down as the worst judgment call ever in television journalism history. It is likely that her career is over at this point. While not quite at the level of "Horace Grant got Joan Esposito pregnant" hysteria, this story is sufficiently well-known to permanently kill any credibility she once had.

Chicago Tribune hack Eric Zorn wrote an online column about how Amy Jacobson is being unfairly treated because she is a woman. Zorn's conclusion is that AJ was merely developing a source for a story and that if any male reporter did the same thing, this would be a non-story. The real issue here is not Jacobson's gender, but that AJ took her young children to swim in a pool with a murder suspect. Either she's a lousy mother, an unethical journalist or both.

Although his columns would seem to confirm this, I hope Zorn has never taken a journalism class. Relationships which create actual or perceived conflicts of interst are contrary to every canon of journalistic ethics. This should be obvious to Zorn, and it casts doubt on the integrity of everyone at the Tribune.

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Pool Party

Credit Robert Feder in today's Sun-Times for breaking the story of WMAQ's Amy Jacobson taking her two children (ages 3 and 2) to swim in the backyard pool of Craig Stebic, estranged husband of the missing Lisa Stebic. According to the story, the purportedly married Jacobson took to the water in a two piece swimsuit while a WBBM camera caught the highjinks on tape from a neighboring yard. Feder writes that Jacobson was told to "get a lawyer." I'll go further and advise her to get a moving van, a real estate agent and a spruced up resume because this sounds like a wrap for the Pride of Mount Prospect.

At the time of this post, Amy Jacobson's profile on the WMAQ website was the most popular page on that site.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Ice Cold Fashion

Can someone please get Channel 32's Amy Freeze a stylist? She's on TV for crying out loud.

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oil and Water

We had a chance to see Bruce Wolf handle the sports on Friday night's 10pm broadcast of WMAQ's news. Although JFBW is thrilled to see Bruce back on TV, there are some obvious chemistry issues with his new teammates.

Warner Saunders reads the news off of the teleprompter like he is seeing it for the first time. It seems like he does not even understand the news and he often flubs his lines. I wonder if Saunders dozes off between takes because he frequently reads the news like he just woke up. In all seriousness, Saunders is about as bad as local news gets.

Marion Brooks has been filling in for the competent Allison Rosati. When Brooks is not testifying about her affair with then-married former Atlanta mayor Bill Campbell in a federal corruption case, she is looking dazed and confused while reading her lines.

Not much to say about Brant Miller. This guy is more vanilla than cream soda. They could have a computer deliver the weather and it would be as interesting as Miller.

None of Bruce's 10pm teammates have any personality or ability to interact in any kind of entertaining or natural way. The requisite banter between newsreaders is unbearably painful as Bruce cracks jokes and the other people on set just don't get it. It's pretty awkward. Contrast this team with that of Barely Today. The BT team was fun and worked well together. The 10pm team is devoid of charisma and I look forward to Bruce making jokes at their expense.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Been Here For Years

Bruce is back. Robert Feder has reported that Bruce Wolf is moving to full-time sports anchor and reporter effective immediately. Look for Bruce at 5, 6 and 10 on Channel 5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the last time Bruce and Bob Sirott teamed up on a newscast, David Orr was mayor. All we need is Marianne Murciano and a pair of Air Jordan IXs and this lineup will be a real Chicago classic.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Stop the Insanity

I'm not sure I knew what madness was until I read a few of the crazy posts on the WFLD message boards. Wow.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Goodbye Texas' Rose

Tamron Hall, Fox News in the Morning anchor and former Bruce Wolf foil, has joined MSNBC. Today was Tamron's last day at WFLD, and she will be replaced by Jan Jeffcoat, shown above. According to Yellow magazine, Jeffcoat was voted the "Sexiest Woman in Charlotte, North Carolina." Really?

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